1.) How long does it take for our project to be photographed?
2.) Who owns the images?
3.) Are the images sold or used for any other purposes?
4.) Is aerial photography cost effective?
5.) We're a small business, is aerial photography worth the time and investment?
6.) Do you create digital or traditional film images?
7.) Is their any special permission or requirement needed for aerial photography?
We know that your time is valuable so we move quickly after our initial discussion with you to determine the location(s) that needs to be photographed. In most cases, we can start your project as soon as the weather permits and the conditions are ideal.
Unlike most agencies today that provide aerial photographic services, the images that Aerografx creates for its clients are usually included in the project estimate. We feel that if you contract with us the images should become your property and the use thereof.
Since each photographic project that Aerografx creates is on an individual basis, we offer the images to be exclusively utilized for our clients purposes only. Thus, images are never sold to any other individuals, companies or stock photography agencies.
Our clients are typically pleased to discover that aerial images created by Aerografx are usually well within their budgets and aerial images are very well received for project purposes. Furthermore, nothing surpasses the views from the air that Aerografx creates!
Aerografx caters to the small, medium and large businesses and is well aware of their budgetary concerns. Based upon that awareness, we design programs to suit the exact needs of our clients that are well received by all involved.
Aerografx utilizes the latest digital imaging technology as well as traditional film methods. Depending on our client's needs and the end purpose for the images, Aerografx will produce images dictated by the needs of our client. We will work with any of your appointed ad agency or your in house-graphic department to accomplish the task at hand.
In some cases special permission is needed to photograph locations in high density areas (i.e. government or civic centers, athletic stadiums or outdoor arenas and events are just a few examples of where special FAA approval may be required). Aerografx is well versed in the local, state and federal procedures to acquire these special permissions and will handle all paperwork required for its clients in a professional and timely manner.
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